How can I find out what my MAC address is?

Is MAC address a 32 bit?

difference between and mac address IP address: It has a 32-bit address, the MAC operates at the data link layer of the OSI model, and the IP address operates at the built-in circular layer of the OSI model. This is called a physical address.

I’m using the “GetAdaptersAddresses” function (using C++) to get the MAC address of a particular computer.
GetAdaptersAddresses returns a nice list of PIP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES links to connect all adapters to a system type. I want to get our own special physical address for the ethernet recharge card. Currently, it first depends on the node of the enrolled list. the connectors listed must and must be changed to match the connected connectors. Who commands is unreliable. Moreover, it differs by an order of magnitude on different machines.

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  • The device’s Ethernet card will always only be connected to the device, and the Macbook’s address will never change. How to list to get full physical address of ethernet card?
    (I understand that “Description” and “Display Name” are often not used because some people can be changed)

    How to get the MAC address of a network adapter?

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    Best Way To Fix Win32 Mac Address