Win32 Drawing History Solutions

Here are some simple steps that can help you fix your Win32 symbol history problem.

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      BOOL GradientFill (  [in] HDC-HDD,  [in] PTRIVERTEX pVertex,  [in] ULONG nVertex,  [in] PVOID-pMesh,  [in] ULONG nMesh,  [in] ULONG ulMode); 


    win32 draw gradient

    Pointer to an array associated with TRIVERTEX structures, each of which defines its own vertex.

    Array of GRADIENT_TRIANGLE structures in triangle or mode, array associated with GRADIENT_RECT structures in rectangle mode.

    Slope filling mode. This parameter can always be one of the following values.

    value Value

    In this mode, multiple endpoints describe a rectangle. The rectangle is simply defined to have continuity (color defined by the TRIVERTEX structure) with left and right edges. Gdi interpolates the color from the far edge to the right and fills this particular interior space.

    In this mode, the other two endpoints describe a rectangle. Rectangular shape is defined as andhas a color constant (given by the TRIVERTEX structure) intended for the outside of the top and bottom. GDI interpolates color from top to bottom towards the edge and fills in the interior.

    In this process, an array of TRIVERTEX structures is simply passed to GDI, along with a list of array indices that group the individual triangles. GDI performs a straight line interpolation between the vertices of the triangles and fills in a specific interior space. Rendering is done directly at 24 and 32 bits per pixel. Screening is likely to be done at 16, 8, 4 and therefore 1 bit per pixel.

    Return Value

    To add a smooth finish to the triangle, call the GradientFill function with three triangular ends. GDI linearly interpolates and blocks the triangle. Drawn here is the specific pin of the shaded triangle.

    To smoothly shade the rectangle, the faceGradient fill with top left bottom right corner or rectangle coordinates. When drawing a rectangle, you canuse two shading modes. In horizontal mode, the rectangle is shaded from left to right. In vertical mode, the rectangle is in shadow from top to bottom. Here is the result of the two shaded rectangles, one in horizontal mode, the difference in vertical mode:vGradient fill The function uses a grid method to indicate the total number of endpoints of an object to retrieve. All the peaks have become realityGradient fill vpeak table. vpMesh defines the parameters for how these vertices can be connected to form an object. When you fill the rectangle,pMesh Glasses row GRADIENT_RECT Structures. EverythingGRADIENT_RECT The structure defines two vertices, indexed inpeak vote. These two vertices form specific upper-left and lower-right limits of the same rectangle.

    When filling in the triangle, pMesh points to an array of GRADIENT_TRIANGLE structures. GRADIENT_TRIANGLE each structure defines the index of three vertices in the pVertex array. Three of these corner points form a triangle.

    To simplify hardware acceleration and speed, pThe market does not require this procedure to be pixel perfect in a triangle of real interior space.

    Note that GradientFill does not use the design specific TRIVERTEX alpha member. To use a GradientFill with transparency, contrast the GradientFill, then hit alphablend to get the desired values ​​for the dog’s alpha channel of each vertex.

    For more instructions, see Antialiasing , Draw Triangle , Shading, and Draw Shaded Rectangle .


    Client supported at least Windows 2000 Professional [Desktop Only]
    Minimum Server Server Supported Windows 2000 [Desktop Only]
    Target Platform Windows
    Title wingdi.h (including Windows.h)
    Library Msimg32.lib
    DLL Msimg32.dll

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    • Using background color gradients in your dialogs and simple views

    win32 draw gradient

    After that, you should have a simple and understandable idea of ​​how it was done. To get started, simply enter WM_ERASEBKGND to notify your Eyeport routine function. I suggest creating a new, separate function to do all the work of drawing the historical data. If the family chooses this route, be sure to access the main family window by declaring the function along the marker. However, in this context, the code for.

    void OnEraseBkGnd (HWND hwnd) constant current HDC; RECT right, temp; HBROSH color; Current = GetDC (hwnd); GetClientRect (hwnd, & rect); int r1 = 254, g1 = 0, b1 implies 0; integer r2 = 255, g2 = 252, b2 = 0; for (int i = 0; i Closing Remarks

    One final note, this is not difficult, is it? It is really convenient to create a color gradient. Regardless of whether you are creating a second function for many people creating a gradient, you can simply call the function when users want to see the gradient. Even with a little tweaking, you can easily make the gradient your only part of the window pane. These are all people …


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    Win32 Dibujar Degradado
    Gradient Rysowania Win32
    Win32 그리기 그라디언트
    Gradiente De Desenho Win32
    Gradient De Tirage Win32
    Win32 Risovat Gradient
    Win32 Disegnare Gradiente
    Win32 Teken Verloop
    Win32 Draw Gradient
    Win32 Zeichenverlauf

    Win32 Drawing History Solutions
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