Troubleshoot Vader Winamp Skins In An Easy Way

Over the past few days, some of our readers have come across an error code in Vader Winamp skins. This problem occurs for several reasons. Let’s discuss this below.

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    My First Winamp3 Related Skin

    My first skin for Winamp3

    Version 2 bundled my first skin. Fixed a number of bugs that I became aware of. A player of average height with excellent wind protection mode, the color of the themes is a great gift. Please note this skin is based on Star Wars. So if you compliment Star Wars, I never want to hear it.

    Download skin

    September 25, 2002 Dan Burt 287,767 downloads

    Employees Fix

    Truly innovative leather.

    But the menus are too dark and I don’t understand what the number of buttons is for.


    Not bad – very bad, because the only thing often seen in SW is custom logo design. Nothing else reminds me of our favorite movie. – June 20, 2008, Veselina Stoyanova

    vader winamp skins

    Not bad, but even great – I think it isIt’s very complete skinning (although people are starting to get closer to butted versions!), But it doesn’t really matter. For me, against each other, a simple gray skin type with the words Star Wars expired, under the lightsaber and therefore Xwing at the top. Basically, I don’t think this is something special.If it had the shape of a big Xwing tie or a fighter, it would always be different. It looks like most of the artists have potential here. I think about it.(You will notice that I haven’t posted the skins yet, so consider this process with a bucket of salt against each other.) – March 20, 2006, in the time of Michael Blank

    LARGE SKIN. – For newbies, I’ll say anything with the Star Wars logo on it will make George Lucas proud that every empire has been such successful people who could take the time to create these really high quality skins for people. If you don’t like the people of Star Wars, then you are a mentally retarded person and you should go to jail now. – December 2005, Paul Brown

    According to Warren Carter, on January 6, 2005 Rolling Stone magazine named him the best – the bestm golf player of this century, according to the version of five different stars.

    What the hell !!! – and if you plan to download DO NOT !!!! DON’T THINK LOOKING HERE !!!!!!! I’m a Star Wars fan. GREAT FAN and that was a blow to George! – 28 Apr 08 from epz villaluz

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    Okay, if you say it – look, I don’t, please, so do whatever you want. But in fact, the post seems inappropriate, uh, it sounds like an arrogant attempt to make a quality Winamp 2 skin. Anyway, I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan, could you please so that I give you a high rating just for every fact that is written about “Star Wars” ???? SWEATER !! You’re definitely on the dark side, this alien Yoda Darth Vader hits you with a powerful lightsaber …. shit, June 17, 2003 Posted by Wolf Bringer

    OXXX, SEXY! – How can you say this selfie is not good, let alone less than 5 stars. STAR WARS – GOD !!!! Fuck all buyers with 4 Pagan stars or less !! – April 25, 2003, Justin Geary.

    omfg – what the hell is this? and how in a special way He11 might even consider posting that this is the bestskin in the world? WTF FALSE will probably be with YOU?!?! YOU ARE STUPID? I can’t believe … I need to walk my broken neighbor’s cat … I got out – April 23, 2003, Calvin Marrion

    Yuuuuuuk !!! > = (- I can’t say that this skin says “Star Wars” all the time. Only on the back. I suggest that you take a good design in the theater and worry about your skin and yours to see again what is often inside: logos The rest of the skin shouldn’t be flaunting the Star Wars logo – March 27, 2003 Posted by Goncalo Gabriel

    STOP is! Dude, why did you blind this skin? Star Wars is a new classic and just needs more attention. I was hoping that information technology would be a little better than the screens you see in movies like Star Wars. Looks like a set of toys! Take a look at the interface around Darth Vader’s ship, the naboo or the Ti-Fighter computer interface and get inspired. Here comes the hope 🙂 – February 5, 2003 Homer Gilani

    Soft – cold as hell. – circa December 2002, Jade Blue

    vader winamp skins

    Not very delicate – except for the Star Wars logo and the Rebel and Im logosSerie “this skin does not look like computers and something similar in some Star Wars movies.not a complete bomb, but I’m inclined to say the score would have been much lower if it weren’t for the Star Wars connection, no doubt about it. – November 18, 2002 Eric Tomlinson

    playlists? – It looked great, but it didn’t let me do anything with the playlist other than creating a new one – I couldn’t load any of my already existing playlists … maybe fix that and the skin will be very perfect.~ DJ Scoot – October 30, 2002 DJ Scoot

    inconvenience !!! good good !! full of compulsion! – October 22, 2002, Henry Ipolito.

    Strength is strong only in one thing … – Wonderful skin! I really love that you have Star Wars and gold letters in the background. I like the layout of everything related to menus and buttons. like Oct 13, 2002, by Danny Watson

    Come on … I – for example, like your skin. Many. – October 4, 2002, Andre Conti

    Nothing at all Dan – – 0 problem – September 24, 2002 by sascha laude

    … this is Star Wars – I got some bad reviews for this skin, I don’t understand why. A mmaybe they just need to skip Star Wars of Hate. I liked it at the time, I would have preferred it to be 4.5 stars because it is more than 5 star stuff, but it is really very close. Great job with our very own lightsaber! All notes for the game! – Michael Stark, September 23, 2000


    for grouping is one star for the effort you really put in as the main result isn’t as good as you’d expect from a high-performance 3.5 skin. This is a huge deal (a normal bootloader recognizes before loading that all capital letters on the back that refer to the image are actually part of the skin!) – September 20, 2004, S. X.

    Not as good as the movie! – The name “STAR WARS” is somewhat truncated …This fabric is difficult to remove. – 20 September 2002 caused by Bassam Elias

    Super – Good model. Hoop to see more Star Wars skins – Mark van Hasseld, September 19, 2002

    I love it – thanks Mohammed. Write my lifestyle with the problems you had, I’ll see what I can do. Many thanks. – 18 Sep November 2002, by Bert.


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    Troubleshoot Vader Winamp Skins In An Easy Way
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