Troubleshooting And Fixing The Secure Point Error

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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported that they are experiencing errors related to Protege Points.

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    Protege Desktop FAQ

    protege dot error

    These FAQs apply to Protege Desktop versions 4, 5 and above.

    If you are working with older versions of Protege, you may find the following alternative Protege-OWL FAQs helpful:

    • be 3 faq.x
    • Protege FAQ

    How Do I Install Protege Desktop?

    Protege can be downloaded desktop from the main Protege page.

    Where Can I Find User Documentation For Desktop Protege?

    See Protégé 5 documentation.Also check the Protege documentation page on this wiki for a list of getting older documentation, as the Protege 4 user interface used is only properly used in the main body.

    Where Can I Submit Questions And Bugs?

    Please post questions, comments, and bug reports in the Mailing Protege user list. Please note that you must follow the order in the list in order to post. If you have problems subscribing or unsubscribing from Protege-user, please contact Erreur De Point Protege
    Protege Dot Fout
    Erro De Ponto Protegido
    Error De Punto Protegido
    Protege Punkt Fehler
    Blad Kropki Protegowanej
    Protezhe Tochka Oshibka
    프로테지 도트 오류
    Errore Del Punto Protetto
    Protege Dot Fel

    Troubleshooting And Fixing The Secure Point Error
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