Nexus Multicast Troubleshooting Steps

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    If you have a nexus troubleshooter multicast error code on your computer, why not take a look at these recovery methods.

    central problem By far the most common problem in a multicast network is that packets travel far from the source to reach the destinations. There may be other problems associated with the very formation of the distribution tree and unwanted intersections in the local network environments used.

    In order to build a network for forwarding multicast packets, two importantprotocols: IGMP and PIM. In this article, I will show you how to configure and troubleshoot these communication protocols.

    Configuring And Pim IGMP

    The independent PIM (multicast) protocol has two main versions: dense mode and sparse mode. Also, there is one sparse-dense mode that has the functionality of both versions and is generally only used to help bootstrap a particular multicast network. Since this is a short WordPress blog post and not informational, let’s focus on what we’re looking for to be the best way to use this to implement multicast while remaining networking while being reliable and secure. For this result, we’ll only be talking about “economy mode “.

    How to enable multicast routing on Cisco Nexus?

    PIM works primarily on Layer 3 edge networks such as routers and firewalls. It will never work the way it does on end devices such as server workstations and/or Layer 2 hardware switches. Its function is to relay in trees multicast without loops between network segmentsty.

    Configure PIM Directly

    Let’s move on to configuring the Cisco device and then discuss what to do next:

    RouterA#configure terminalEnter the desired configuration of each on the line. Exit with CNTL/Z.RouterA(config)#ipRouterA(config)#ip routing pim multicast address 192 rp.168.100.5 ethernet0/0router (configuration) # 192 interfaceroutera(config-if)#ip-address.168.1.1 p in Sparse modeRouterA(config-if)#interfacemanage routera(config-if)#ip ethernet0/1 p in sparse modeRouterA(config-if)#endRouterA#

    How do I enable multicast on my router?

    In this example, we’ve done three things first: The “multicast-routing command” ip enables multicast routing, which is disabled by default because most networks don’t use it. On Cisco Nexus devices, the container must enable PIM using the feature pim command just before other commands become available.

    nexus troubleshooting multicast

    Second, the above example sets your own rendezvous point (RP). The RP is definitely a router somewhere in the group that knows how to access most multicast device sources.mailing list. A great example defines one RP in all possible multicast flows. Isn’t it always convenient? Now that you need to manage many multicast sources, as well as groups, or single person multicast groups come from external network systems, it may be convenient to receive RP for different groups in different ways. The configuration syntax depends on the type of device being installed. old On Cisco IOS routers, the basic syntax was a numbered ACL like this.

    RouterA(config)#ip pim rp address 55RouterA(config)#ip address pim rp 56RouterA(config)#access-list 55 contains 56 allow 224.0.200.We 1

    Here we have created two different lists of Mit rps access subscribers. the first one is used for everything B 224 long range.0.100.0-255 le and the second one is used a little more only for


    on devices in special syntax, prefix lists are used instead. Here is the relevant Pim configuration:

    router(config)#ip connections rp-address groupRouterA(config)#ip rp-1 prefix pim list rp address 192.168.101.Prefix 12 list RP-2 groupsRouterA(config)#ip prefix-listAllow groups rp-1 prefix-list RP-1 groups allow

    In the Nexus All configuration, you can also specify the actual groups directly in the RP formation with simple examples. Note that the regular prefix list method is generally preferred as it provides new flexibility for specifying longer lists in groups between.

    RouterA(config)#ip pim rp-address group-list pim rp-address grouplist

    How do I know if multicast is working?

    In the example above, we only showed one final router at random points on your network. This router almost certainly does not support RP, and we only designed two interfaces to participate in multicast. This router will basically only broadcast multicast packets between these pairs of interfaces.

    Configure IGMP

    In the introduction, I defined the second important protocol as IGMP Group (internet Membership Protocol). This is only used by devices that want to receive multicast data stream. The Multicast stream for all with is defined using IP- Destination addresses in a packet from a person, which is collectively called an IP address. Receiving devices use igmp to make sure they are requesting groups that can receive.

    When a router receives an IGMP join message from a recipient, it usually doesn’t know where the email is. This is something RP will do. But there is a course that IGMP also takes to solve this leadership problem.

    Is there a troubleshooting guide for IP multicast?

    There are two common versions of IGMP. This Version 1, a special source version, has been replaced by the Qui 2 variant, which fixes some important defects associated with version 1. Therefore, a single version is no longer recommended. Version 3 contains the so-called SSM (Source-specific Multicast). ).With SSM, the receiving device can request a multicast group of people it needs, and that group only wants to receive it from a specific source device.

    When using SSM, it is important that the router understands that it should use the source requested and not contact the RP for the multicast source. 2

    IGMP-design is enabled by default ü after enabling the PIM interface on the router. If you need IGMP version 3 protocol, you must explicitly configure it if necessary.

    nexus troubleshooting multicast

    RouterA(config)#interface Ethernet0/0RouterA(config-if)#select igmp, ip 3

    How do you troubleshoot multicast issues?

    Note that in most cases you don’t need to configure this unless you are using SSM. However, version 3 is backward compatible with You 3, so you won’t lose any features.

    Configure PR

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  • Next, we need a warp, which will always be a router. In general, an RP forms a router either in the middle of the network or near the type of sources. RP is determined by the address by – ip. Since it needs to be accessible, it’s better to make it a ring connection rather than a physical dock.

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    How do I know if multicast is working?

    You can use the quick tcpdump/ping test to check if multicasting is working properly on your chosen network. If multicast is working correctly, you should see packets arriving at the original host. Repeat this process on almost every host to verify that multicast is working properly on your network.

    How do you troubleshoot PIM?

    Step 1: Make sure each rp domain knows your current BSR. To do this, use the show address ip pim bsr-router check command.Step 2: Make sure bsr receives all practically RP advertisements.Step Verify 3: that BSR advertisements can reach all modems in the topology, not just certain RP candidates.

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    Nexus Multicast Troubleshooting Steps
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