Learn what to do if your PC restarts unexpectedly, crashes, or receives good news that your PC has been restarted due to a problem or might have been shut down.

About Quick Restarts

On rare occasions, your Mac may have problems with software Mm or hardware, which usually require a reboot. If it restarts, you may find that your computer has been restarted due to a problem.

Unexpected restarts are usually caused by PC software installed on your Mac, or primarily by devices connected to your Mac. The if problem causes your Mac to actually restart every time you try to start directly. Your Mac may shut down. Follow these steps to check software and products on your Mac.

Check Your Stuff

Why isn’t my Mac letting me restart?

Pressing Ctrl + Command + Eject / Power should be the most reliable way to restart a real Mac as it doesn’t depend on most Mac OS X operating systems. If you’re in a rush, try restarting the Mac in question and if that doesn’t fix the underlying problem, you will have to turn it off and then turn it back on. If your Mac freezes, restarting may not work.

Learn how to check connected devices and other equipment.

First Check The Devices In The Side Store

Why does my Mac keep showing the message your computer restarted because of a problem?

On rare occasions, your Mac may have software or hardware issues that require a restart. After restarting, a message may appear stating that your computer has been restarted due to a related problem. Unexpected restarts are usually caused by software installed on your Mac or devices connected to your entire Mac.

If there are no devices connected to your Mac, skip to the next section.

  1. Connect your Mac.
  2. Disconnect any device Bvo, hard disk or printer. If you have a Mac desktop, make sure that you almost always have only a monitor, piano, mouse, or trackpad connected to it.
  3. Turn on your Mac.
  4. Use your Mac to reduce the time it usually takes for an unexpected restart.
  5. If your computer restarts unexpectedly, follow these steps to visit internal RAM and third-party hardware.
  6. If a new unexpected restart does not occur, immediately shut down your Mac and reconnect the devices one by one until it finally restarts unexpectedly.

Check Memory And Third-party Hardware

imac restart error message

Some Mac computers have removable hard disk drives (RAM). If you’ve recently installed a storage or hard drive (or SSD), make sure it’s compatible and properly installed. If possible, remedy this situation and test it with the original memory and / or hard drive.

Additional Information

  • If you still experience unexpected restarts, contact Apple Support.
  • If your Mac continues to restart unexpectedly, it is very important to identify the exact steps that led to the problem. Next time your Mac restarts unexpectedly, write down the date and effort. These questions can help you diagnose the problem:
    • Was the program specific when starting, stopping or terminating a task, and when unexpected events occurred, was it restarted?
    • Does the computer reboot periodically or does it happen every time you perform a certain task?
    • Do you see it restarting when a specific USB device is plugged into your Mac or a specific port?
  • Find out what to do when your Mac turns on or boots up to make a fortune.
  • Find out what screens can see you when you start up your Mac.

imac restart error message

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