Expect List Of Resolve Specifier Qualifiers Before Creation Error

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    In this article, we describe some of the potential causes that can lead to the specifier list qualifiers expected before cre error, and then we suggest possible solutions that you can try to solve for this problem.

    error expected specifier-qualifier-list before cre

    I’m trying to write some code to optimize Open GL features for a tool I’m writing, unfortunately I’m a C or C++ expert but that’s part of why I’m working on this project. this walk!

    So I create a final structure to process 3×3 matrices and set the available structure as follows:

    #ifndef MATRIX3BY3_H#define MATRIX3BY3_HStructural matrix 3 by 3    move ix, kx; jx, float iy, jy, ky;    float iz, jz, kz;    Matrix3by3()    Matrix3by3(const Matrix3by3 &matrix)            ix corresponds to a matrix. X;       jx Matrix=.jx;        = kx array.kh;        iy stands for matrix.iy;        jy = matrix.jy;        Kentucky = matrix. ky;      Iz is equal to the matrix. from;       jz = matrix. yaz;       kz array =.kz;        Matrix3by3(constant glide _ix, constant glide _jx, constant glide _kx,                constant _iy, constant sliding _jy, constant movement _ky,                constant drift _iz, constant float _jz, constant stroke _kz):        ix(_ix), jx(_jx), kx(_kx),        iy(_iy), jy(_jy), ky(_ky),        iy(_iz), jx(_jz), kz(_kz)    ;#end if

    List of expected specifier qualifiers before “Matrix3by3”

    In the line of the first constructor. I’ve searched a bit for answers and it seems that this challenge is because the compiler doesn’t know it’s a brand new type. .So, .I .tried .to do .the following, .for brevity, .remove .innards:

    typedef .Matrix3by3 .struct ....;

     structMatrix3by3 Matrix3by3() struct...;

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  • struct Matrix3by3 ... .Matrix3by3;

    typdef .struct .Matrix3by3 .matrix3by3 ;structure ....;

    Perhaps these are all the solutions recommended in the blogs and articles I have seen for this error. I’ve also seen that it could be due to a dependency, but this circular, filetype doesn’t contain anything else, and I even deleted them just to be sure, because from time to time – but not a true change.

    I could write this for you, just be objective. I’m cool, of course, but it probably requires a little more memory and cycles, which I try to avoid. The only thing I can think of regarding references is a compiler/project setting that experts say is set in such a way that the consequences prevent this type of structure from being used. Most likely, because I can learn the language/environment there.


  • 17.03.2012#1

    registered My user

    people, partners and I have tried many things but failed to fix this error,
    Here is the code type:



    RawImage Structure    public:// <- error        int get_width() const returned width;        get_height() int constant return height;        byte[] get_raw() const raw exchange;        void set_width W) (integer width = w;        avoid set_heigth(int h) height is h;        void set_raw(byte[] r) raw = r;        RawImage(int w, int h, byte[] 1 r) . width (w), height (h), gross (r)       raw image()     Private:        full width;        full height;        raw byte[];;



    /RawImage.h|6|Error: imaginary specifier qualifier list before "public"|

    I have the same error in another structure, but unfortunately I think that the other structure is not very important here, because the errors are the same, often and I canabout it so you can fix the other one.
    Thank you.
    PS: English is not my native language, so don't mind if there is one mistake.

    Last modified before 03/17/2012 Nickstyle; to Name="2">mine

    error expected specifier-qualifier-list before cre

    And 15:29.

  • 03/17/2012#2

    Salem's Avatar

  • > public: // <- error
    Now when you compile this into you c, use the C++ format in the structure.

    > byte[] get_raw() const....
    And also stop using the Java format for bytes, arrays while it's good.

  • 03/17/2012#3

    Registered user

    Sorry, hi, I'm new to t, but now I'm getting a recent error message:

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    Erro Esperado Specifier Qualifier List Antes De Cre
    Blad Oczekiwany Specyfikator Lista Kwalifikatorow Przed Cre
    Fout Verwacht Specificatie Kwalificatielijst Voor Cre
    Errore Previsto Specificatore Qualificatore Elenco Prima Di Cre
    오류가 발생하기 전에 지정자 한정자 목록이 예상됨
    Erreur Attendue Specifier Qualifier List Avant Cre
    Oshibka Ozhidaemogo Spiska Specifikatorov Kvalifikatorov Pered Sozdaniem
    Error Esperado Especificador Calificador Lista Antes De Cre
    Fel Forvantat Specifier Qualifier List Fore Cre
    Fehler Erwartete Spezifizierer Qualifizierer Liste Vor Cre

    Expect List Of Resolve Specifier Qualifiers Before Creation Error
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