How Can I Resolve Error Code 3211-210?

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    Today’s user manual is designed to help you if you get error code Error code 3211-210.

    This usually happens when a Condor card is connected in front of a PLC in a Windows plug-and-play system. Windows detects resources earlier than our systems, which often leads to conflicts. To fix this problem, you need to uninstall the hardware and software and then reinstall them in the correct order.

    Remove the PCB from the system first, but be sure to remove it via Device Manager.

    The cei_probe.exe executable can certainly support this diagnostic issue. We recommend that you run it to ensure the most suitable configuration. You can download it here.

    If the alarm light on your new printer’s control panel (LED) is amber or amber and blinking green, check the error code (the printer display alternates between an E and a number). see the section below for where to find it:

    • Section 1. Table lamps
    • Section 2, orange. The indicator flashes orange and green.

    Section 1

    Orange glowing lamp with & number, ohdisplayed on LEDs
    If the Power and Alarm LEDs flash alternately green and amber, refer to the section below in the table for help.


    Error code

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    error code 3211-210


    E, 2
    • The device is made of paper.

    • Paper feeds but does not feed.

    Reload the correct paper and black or colored button paper.
    E, 3 A large paper jam has occurred. Clear the jam , load the paper correctly on the host server, then press the Black or Color button.
    E, 4 instead of 5
    • The ink cartridge is not installed correctly.

    • A cartridge compatible with the printer is not included with the machine.

    Install a valid ink cartridge .

    E, 7 The ink cartridge does not work in the correct position. Place the container in the correct position .
    E,8 The ink absorber is almost full.
    • Why do I get error 3210 on my domain controller?

      Also, 3210 is displayed randomly instead of on every boot. There seems to be a problem between the male or female machine and the domain controller. You may need to check the switch port or network plugins for the client PC and domain controller.

      The product has a built-in ink absorber to retain ink used to clean the print head.

    • Press the Black or Color button to clear the error and keep the print job up to date.

    • Printing is disabled as soon as the ink absorber is full

    E, 9 The connected digital camera or digital video camera is not compatible with this superior device.
    • Communication latency occurs when an operation takes too long or requires too much instant data to be sent. In this case, disconnect and reconnect the USB cable.

    • When printing and publishing from a PictBridge compliant device, users may need to select a PictBridge compliant printing mode on the devices before connecting to the device.

    • error code 3211-210

      You may also need to change device or select Play Websites Now after connecting to all printers.

    • If the error still persists, try printing another photo.

    E, 1, 3
    • Unable to recognize the ink level in the printer.

    • The ink may be out of ink.

    • To continue printing without this process, press the Stop / Clear button for at least 5 seconds.

    • As with replacing the cartridge , replace ink as soon as printing is complete.

    • Please note that Canon will not be held liable for any malfunction or problem caused by continued printing when ink levels are low.

    E, step 1, 4 The ink cartridge is not recognized. The ink cartridge of the printer may not be compatible with this device. Install the tuning cartridge .
    E, 1, 5
    • The ink cartridge is not recognized.

    • The cartridge is not installed correctly.

    • Open the cover and insert the cartridge correctly . If all errors are not cleared, the FINE cartridge may be damaged.

    • If you really need more help, please create aTake your Canon account or sign in for more options.

    E, 1, 6 The printer is empty.
    • Replace printer ink and cartridge close cover.

    • Or, to continue printing, press the Stop / Reset button for at least 5 seconds. When printing, the state remains under the available ink.

    • Replace the cartridge immediately after printing.

    E, one specific, 9 PictBridge compliant device is simply connected via a USB hub. If the current PictBridge device is connected via a USB hub, remove it and connect this situation directly to the device .
    E, 2, 0
    • Typically, the length of the document cannot be recognized correctly, or the document is too small if a copy of the page size is selected.

    • Error scanning printhead alignment sheet.

    • Resize the document correctly and it will load correctly .

    • What to do if you get error code 2101-0001?

      What to do 2 Restart your console by pressing and holding the POWER button for a few seconds, then select Power Options, then Restart. 2 Make sure your console has the latest update for your computer. 3 If the error persists, turn off the physical device and remove the microSD card.

      Make sure the margins above the printhead sheet are filled in and that the sheet is positioned correctly. Glass. If the error persists, connect the machine to a computing device and align the print head with the printer driver.

    • Printhead Alignment – Windows or Printhead Alignment – Mac ® < / sup>

    If the Power and Alarm LEDs alternately flash and turn orange-brown, follow these steps.

    1. Disconnect all USB cables from the printer.

    2. Disconnect the entire device from the power source and wait at least 30 minutes.

    3. Connect the device to the TV, turn on the device again.

    If the issue with your item was not resolved shortly after following the steps above, or if someone needs more help, sign in to your Canon Account to view technical retention options.

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    Codigo De Error 3211 210
    Felkod 3211 210
    Foutcode 3211 210
    Code D Erreur 3211 210
    Fehlercode 3211 210
    오류 코드 3211 210
    Kod Oshibki 3211 210
    Codice Di Errore 3211 210
    Kod Bledu 3211 210
    Codigo De Erro 3211 210

    How Can I Resolve Error Code 3211-210?
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