How To Manage The Active Directory Exchange Extension?

Recently, some of our readers encountered a bug in the active Directory Exchange extension. This problem occurs for several reasons. Let’s look at them now.

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    Domain year 2003/2008 Windows Server
    Updated Windows Server Active forest schema to directory Server 2008
    Member Server Windows or DC 2003 due to installed Exchange 2003 management tools


    Active Directory Users and Computers MMC crashes on Windows Server 2003-based computers that have Windows Server 2003 installed.Added Exchange 2003 management tools. The crash also usually occurs after opening a second AD object in the Active Directory Users Computers MMC.

    The Microsoft Active Extension Exchange catalog has detected an issue and needs to be closed. We apologize for the inconvenience.explained


    MS la causes in topic KB946459. Exchange is not mentioned, but in my case the problem only occurred on servers that had MS Exchange 2003 management tools installed.


    Microsoft promises to fix some issues. You can request the hotfix directly from Microsoft at KB946459.

    WARNING: This patch fixed all the problems and in my particular case caused no complaints. But install it at your own risk!

    How to update Ad schema in Azure AD Connect?

    1. Update the schema: ad setup.exe /PrepareSchema /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms 2. Update to the Azure AD Connect schema. Click: Right-click your local domain, which is also displayed, and click Update Schema. 3. Select the desired new attribute that can be synchronized from AD to O365. Double-click the local domain to open “About” properties. Other products and services

    Microsoft Disclaimer:
    This is mce_style=”color: The fix has not been fully tested. Therefore, it is only intended for computers or platforms that are experiencing the issue that is exactly described in this article or another article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base…
    Do not deploy a new hotfix to a production environment that does not have andreferences for testing. < br>Back up the system or computer that will be patched before installing any of our patches.

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  • When I try to create a user in Active Directory to add and share properties
    as an SMTP address, I get an error:

    error active directory exchange extension

    “The specified domain may not exist or may be unavailable for a long time.
    Installation: win32 identity, number: c007054b, Microsoft Active Directory –
    Exchange Extension”

    I have a new Exchange SP2 2003 server that is not a DNS server
    which is part of the machine.

    Other users of the volume in the same region can perform this type of operation
    without error. All

    Why can’t I connect to my Azure Active Directory?

    A likely cause for this factor is an expired password for each of our accounts used to sign in to Azure Directory active. To determine which particular account is being used, view the Management Agents view of the Synchronization Service Manager (miisclient.exe), open the properties of the Windows Azure Directory active connector, and select Connection settings.

    Do you know how to fix this bug and be able to
    perform such Active Directory missions, please?

    How to extend Active Directory in Microsoft Exchange?

    In my professional experience, this problem is related to the DNS server.

    Author: s***
    Hi everyone!
    When I create a user in Active Directory and add Exchange
    , “the specified domain does not exist or cannot be contacted.” .
    Config: Win32, ID#: Microsoft c007054b, Directory active –
    Exchange Extension “
    I have a new Exchange 2003 SP2 server that is simply not a DC or DNS
    server for this company are separate machines.< br>In most cases, other users in the same domain can perform similar operations
    without errors. Does anyone know how to get rid of these method errors, and could you
    tel-Run Active Directory Tasks?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello

    This issue can occur if DNS is configured incorrectly. Don’t forget to check the following steps.

    1.Click go “Start”, to “Settings” and click “Control Panel”.

    error active directory exchange extension

    2.Double-click Network Connections and Remote Access.

    3. Right Click “Local Area Network Connection”, then click “Properties”.

    4.Double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

    5. In one of our Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) dialog boxes, simply Use click the following DNS server numbers.

    6. In the “Preferred Forum” DNS field, enter the internal IP address of the DNS serverfaith and finally click OK. Try

    What is the error when extending Active Directory schema?

    Note: This address must match the configured destination IP address on this computer.

    7. Click OK.

    8. Start a new DNS server.

    For more error information and instructions, see the following KB article:

    Lesson “The server is down” when trying to open System Exchange Manager

    Userenv errors and race conditions are logged after Group Policy is applied to computers running Windows Server 2003, Windows Experience, or Windows 2000



    How to troubleshoot exchange Active Directory operation failed?

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    How To Manage The Active Directory Exchange Extension?
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