Steps To Fix Error 1280 Invalid Mysql Index Name

Sometimes your computer may display an error stating error 1280 Invalid mysql index name. There can be many reasons for this problem.

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    g.What version of MySQL are you publishing to? This “” ERROR: 1280, Invalid database name “” is a MySQL server error, not a SQLyog error. It seems that the checklist names are generated from the column markers – and these column names are almost always invalid with MySQL as the catalog site name.

    What version of MySQL are you publishing to? This “” ERROR: 1280, Invalid record name “” is a MySQL node error, not a SQLyog error. It looks like index names are started from column names – and also these column names are not valid as pointer names in MySQL.

    error 1280 incorrect index name mysql

    I am having a number of problems using foreign keys in my personal InnoDB tables database. My team uses MySQL Workbench to develop my ER models and has a Zend server (OS X) for development with MySQL 5.1.54. Everything works without the required error.

    If I cannot prepare this database on one of my live servers. This is usually a MySQL installation on Debian prior to 5.1.58-1 ~ dotdeb.1-log. I don’t understand why these 4 working systems are so different.

    Why is there an error in MySQL 5.6?

    Use mysqld –thread_stack = # to specify a much larger stack. Message: Table ‘% s’ could not be updated because it is being executed in a stored function / trigger, because it is being used by the instruction that called this function / placed trigger. Message: Setting counter ‘% s’ prevents operation% s on coffee table ‘% s’.

    ERROR: Error 1280: Invalid index data “fk_accounts_countries_idcountry”

    error 1280 incorrect index name mysql

      DELETE TABLE IF `country` exists;DISPLAY OF WARNINGS;CREATE TABLE IF NOT "Country" ( `idcountry` SMALLINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` CHAR (50) NOT NULL, `Prefix` CHAR (2) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `tld` CHAR (4) NULL DEFAULT NULL. ... ... PRIMARY KEY (`idcountry`))ENGINE = InnoDBAUTO_INKREMENT = 270DEFAULT CHARACTER SET - utf8...COLLATE = utf8_general_ci;DISPLAY OF WARNINGS;- ------------------------------------------------ - ----- "Accounts" table- ------------------------------------------------ - ----DELETE TABLE "Accounts" IF EXISTING;DISPLAY OF WARNINGS;CREATE TABLE IF NOT "Accounts" ( idaccount INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `country_idcountry` SMALLINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL! `fk_account` INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `fk_country` INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL, SYMBOL `Username` (30) NOT NULL, `password` CHAR (32) NOT NULL, `mail` CHAR (50) NOT NULL, `Address` CHAR (50) NULL, `city` CHAR (50) NOT NULL, "Company" SYMBOL (50) NULL `phone` CHAR (25) NULL, `regdate` TIMESTAMP NON NULL CURRENT_TIMESTAMP by default, See also TIMESTAMP ZERO "rating" `lastlogin` TIMESTAMP NULL, TINYINT (1) NULL DEFAULT 5, `Activation` CHAR (32) NULL. PRIMARY KEY (`idaccount`), RESTRICTION `fk_accounts_countries_idcountry`   FOREIGN KEY (`country_idcountry`)   REFERENCES `Country` (` idcountry`)   WITHOUT DELETE ACTION   WITHOUT UPDATE ACTION)ENGINE is the same as InnoDB;DISPLAY OF WARNINGS;CREATE INDEX `fk_accounts_countries_idcountry` ON` Accounts` (` countries_idcountry`ASC);DISPLAY OF WARNINGS; 
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     Description:The last lines of "How to repeat":Using integrated InnoDB:  Request OK, 2 lines affected (0.02 sec.)  Records: 0 Duplicates: 0 Warnings: InnoDB 0with plugin 1.0.8:  ERROR 1280 (42000): Invalid specifying index 'fk1'Also (using inline InnoDB after building it with an index):mysql> ALTER TABLE t2 DROP INDEX fk1;ERROR 1025 (HY000): Error renaming 'from.  Bg1  # sql-1658_1 'to'.  Bg1  t2 '(Error: 150)Also, if you are wrong, look for posts similar to these:----------100722 11:22:43 InnoDB: Error: Last ALTER TABLE `bg1`. In `t2`innodb: or heavily mentioned in foreign key constraintsInnoDB: what types are incompatible with the new table definition.100722 InnoDB: Error: table `bg1`.`t2` does not continue inside InnoDBInnoDB: data dictionary even if MySQL tries to insert it.InnoDB: you put .frm data from table intoInnoDB: MySQL directory database from another database?InnoDB: Get More HelpInnoDB: I repeat:DELETE DATABASE IF `bg1` EXISTS;CREATE DATABASE "bg1";USE "bg1";CREATETABLE IF `t1` DOES NOT EXIST (` id` MEDIUMINT NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`)) ENGINE = InnoDB;CREATE TABLE IF `t2` DOESN'T EXIST (` id` MEDIUMINT NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT `fk1` SOURCE KEY (` id`) `t1` (` id`) NO ACTION ON DELETE DURING UPDATE DON'T ACTIOND ENGINE; implies InnoCREATE INDEX `fk1` ON` t2` (` id` ASC); 

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    For security reasons, I uninstalled all of our apps and made sure the poker tables no longer exist before reinstalling and reconfiguring the Blitz plugin. Certainly not optimal, but it works …

    The DDL result for the tables they fit into, if they were created from scratch.

      create craft_blitz_caches worksheet(id int auto_incrementPrimary key,siteId int is definitely null,non-zero uri varchar (255),Zero expiration date / time,Craft_blitz_caches_siteId_uri_unq_idx restrictionunique (siteId, uri),Craft_blitz_caches_siteId_fk limitForeign Major (siteId) Links craft_sites (id)with cascade of updates with cascade of deletion)Character set = utf8;Create index craft_blitz_caches_expiryDate_idxon craft_blitz_caches (expiryDate);Craft patio table craft_blitz_cachetags(cacheId int is not zero,non-zero varchar (255) tag,Primary key (CacheId, Tag),Craft_blitz_cachetags_cacheId_fk limitationformsUla alien magic (cacheId) refers to craft_blitz_caches (id)when restarting cascading delete cascading)Character set = utf8;Create a craft_blitz_cachetags_tag_idx entryfor craft_blitz_cachetags (day);Create craft_blitz_driverdata table(id int auto_incrementPrimary key,Nonzero driver varchar (255),Send a blank text message,dateCreated non-zero datetime,dateUpdated datetime 'is not zero,uid char (36) default '0' non-zero)Character set = utf8;Making desktop craft_blitz_elementcaches(cacheId int is not zero,elementId int instead of null,Primary key (cacheId, elementId),Craft_blitz_elementcaches_cacheId_fk limitationimportant external links (cacheId) craft_blitz_caches (id)in the case of an update process in the case of a deletion cascade,Craft_blitz_elementcaches_elementId_fk constraintouter button (elementId) points to craft_elements (id)with cascading update or cascading delete)Character set = utf8;Create int table craft_blitz_elementexpirydates(elementId is not zero,Zero expiration date / time,Craft_blitz_elementexpirydates_elementId_unq_idx constraintunique (elementId),Craft_blitz_elementexpirydates_elementId_fk constraintExternal center links (elementId) craft_elements (id)with preliminary cascade with fire extinguishing cascade)Character set = utf8;Create a craft_blitz_elem entryentexpirydates_expiryDate_idxon craft_blitz_elementexpirydates (expiryDate);Modify the craft_blitz_elementeexpirydates tableAdd the main solution (elementId);Create craft_blitz_elementqueries table(id int auto_incrementPrimary key,`index` bigint is not zero,Enter varchar (255) 'not null,Zero text parameter,Craft_blitz_elementqueries_index_unq_idx constraintunique (`index`))Character set = utf8;Create an index chart craft_blitz_elementqueries_type_idxon craft_blitz_elementqueries (type);Create craft_blitz_elementquerycaches table(cacheId int is not always zero,queryId int is not zero,Craft_blitz_elementquery constraintcaches_cacheId_queryId_unq_idxunique (cacheId, queryId),Craft_blitz_elementquerycaches_cacheId_fk constraintForeign key (cacheId) private links craft_blitz_caches (id)by cascade update by cascade andel,Craft_blitz_elementquery constraintcaches_queryId_fkForeign key (queryId) points to craft_blitz_elementqueries (id)with a cascade of improvement with a cascade of fire extinguishing)Character set = utf8;cube craft_blitz_elementquery change cachesAdd the primary key (cacheId, queryId);Create felt craft_blitz_elementquerysources(id int auto_incrementPrimary key,sourceId is a null integer,queryId int is not zero,Craft_blitz_elementquerysources_sourceId_queryId_unq_idx constraintunique (sourceId, queryId),Craft_blitz_elementquerysources_queryId_f constraintkForeign key (queryId) points to craft_blitz_elementqueries (id)cascade up delete cascade)Character set = utf8;Making desserts craft_blitz_recommendations(id int auto_incrementPrimary key,nonzero `key` varchar (255),Null varchar model (255),Empty message text,Zero info text,dateCreated non-zero datetime,dateUpdated datetime is not necessarily zero,uid char (36) by default '0' cannot be null,Restriction craft_blitz_recommendations_key_template_unq_idxunique (`key`, pattern))Character set = utf8; 

    When to use wrong index name in MySQL?

    (This is in contrast to some mature versions, which must either continue to create indexes explicitly or not create Australian key constraints.) Index_name is used with due care as described earlier. ================= So, if you create an additional index named “fk1” in a plugin, the error ER_WRONG_NAME_FOR_INDEX (wrong index name) occurs.

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    Blad 1280 Niepoprawna Nazwa Indeksu Mysql
    Oshibka 1280 Nevernoe Imya Indeksa Mysql
    Erreur 1280 Nom D Index Incorrect Mysql
    Fout 1280 Onjuiste Indexnaam Mysql
    Fehler 1280 Falscher Indexname Mysql
    Fel 1280 Felaktigt Indexnamn Mysql
    Errore 1280 Nome Indice Errato Mysql
    오류 1280 잘못된 인덱스 이름 Mysql

    Steps To Fix Error 1280 Invalid Mysql Index Name
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