Configuration Error Solution Does Not Support Posix Threads

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    Over the past few days, several users have reported to us that they encountered configuration errors that do not support posix streams.

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    Configure: Error: No Support For POSIX Threads

    How to fix LD configure fails due to missing pthread?

    Edit your /etc/ and add / usr / local / lib and / usr / lib (before the jump statement) above it. Once this is done, run ldconfig -v, then run ldconfig -p | grep libwebsock. You really need to see this (or something at the same time): And then you are good. @JonnyWhatshisface Thanks a lot.

    Hi, I’m also trying to compile to support the Avahi libraries for and use the switch ./configure.
    I appreciate it :

    Does anyone know what I can do about this?
    Many thanks in advance

    Find pthreads library -lpthreads... no...configure: missing error: POSIX support

    configure error missing posix threads support

    /opt/devkitpro/devkitA64/aarch64-none-elf/bin/ld threads -L/opt/devkitpro/portlibs/switch/lib -lpthread
    /opt/devkitpro/devkitA64/aarch64-none-elf/bin/ld: no flag: could not find input symbol _start; and not installed

    Where can I find the configure error file?

    * This document contains all the messages that are simply generated by the compilers while configure is running to aid debugging in case configure fails. It was created by IPhreeqc configure 3.6.2-15100 which was run by GNU Autoconf 2.69.

    start address./configuren    CFLAGS='-D__SWITCH__ -D_GNU_SOURCE -O2 -march=armv8-a -mtune=cortex-a57 -mtp=soft -fPIC -ftls-model=local-exec' n    CXXFLAGS='-D__SWITCH__ -D_GNU_SOURCE -O2 -march=armv8-a -mtune=cortex-a57 -mtp=soft -fPIC -ftls-model=local-exec' n    LDFLAGS='-fPIE -L/opt/devkitpro/portlibs/switch/lib -L/opt/devkitpro/libnx/lib' n    --prefix=/opt/devkitpro/portlibs/switchn    --host=aarch64-none-elfn    --enable-shared=non    --disable-glibn    object --disable n    --disable-dbusn    --disable-gdbmn    --disable-libdaemonn    --disable-python --disable-pygobject --disable-python-dbusn    --disable-monon    --disable-autoIPD n    --disable- monodocn    --disable-doxygen-doc --disable-doxygen-dot --disable-doxygen-xml --disable-doxygen-html n    --disable-manual pagesn    --disable-xmltomann    --disable-qt4n    --disable-qt5 n    --disable-gtkn    --disable-gtk3n    --with-xml=no
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    Re: Error: Configuration: No Support For POSIX Threads

    It's impossible to understand what's going on, seeing not why the threads are looking for errors. The corresponding output should be found in the config.log file. Nothing goes directly into what you posted other than --enable-shared=no which I think it should normally be, lighter shades are handled by --disable-shared Is --enable-static

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    I use ./configure to configure one configure project. I am getting one error, the specific one that follows. this

    Look for the pthreads library -lpthreads... noCheck if Pthreads busy flags are missing...NoCheck if you are running pthreads -Kthread...noAnyway, check if using -kt pthreads will workread...noLooking for .sort library .pthreads .-llthread .... Nopthreads check works despite using -pthread... noCheck whether or not pthreads files work with -pthreads option….NoCheck .if .pthreads .works .with .-mthreads .....Nolooking for parts of the pthreads library from -lpthread... noCheck their pthreads with work --thread-safe...noCheck selected threads with -mt using work... noChecking for pthread-config support... noconfigure: error: POSIX thread provider required

    After checking my config directory, make sure it implements the following code to test for pthread support:

    #include in interior()pthread_tt; pthread_join(th, 0);                     0); pthread_attr_init(0); pthread_cleanup_push(0, pthread_create(0,0,0,0); pthread_cleanup_pop(0);  ;  0;

    configure error missing posix threads support

    Round on return, compiles. With warnings disabled but pthread_create.

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  • test_pthread.c:5:22: warning: null argument if non-null was requested (argument 1) [-Wnonnull]                      pthread_attr_init(0); pthread_cleanup_push(0, 0);                      ^test_pthread.c:6:22: warning: null if non-null argument applied (argument 1) [-Wnonnull]                      pthread_create(0,0,0,0); pthread_cleanup_pop(0);                      ^test_pthread.c:6:22: warning: null argumentwhere null is not required (argument [-Wnonnull]

    3) Is it annoying that configure sets its compiler to support -pthread? How can I solve this want problem?

    I use autoreconf -i before checking ./configure. What is a clean way to solve this problem?

    I buy the following from a line in the entire file to test pthread. I got it easily from another line configuration.

    # Check POSIX string support    ACX_PTHREAD([                     LIBS="$LIBS $PTHREAD_LIBS"                     CFLAGS="$CFLAGS $PTHREAD_CFLAGS -g -wall"                     CC="$PTHREAD_CC"                     AC_SUBST([LIBS])                     AC_SUBST([CFLAGS])                     AC_SUBST([CC])                 ],                 [AC_MSG_ERROR([POSIX thread support required])])

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    Configuration Error Solution Does Not Support Posix Threads
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