You Have A Problem With An ActionScript Type Error, Error # 1010

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    You should check out these repair tips if you get ActionScript error # 1010.

    I am attending an AS3 course with one of the lessons, my partner learns about this on an excursion associated with my program:TypeError: Error # 1010: Condition is undefined and has arbitrary properties. TO main ()

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      packageimport flash.display.MovieClip;import;public form Main extends MovieClip    var startPage: StartPage;    var HillPage: HillPage;    var LakePage: LakePage;   main public role ()            startPage = new StartPage ();        HillPage is the same as new HillPage ();        lakePage is the same as new LakePage ();        addChild (start page);        // add listeners for features        startPage.hillButton.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, onHillButtonClick);        startPage.pondButton.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, onLakeButtonClick);        // Corporate Events Manager    Function OnHillButtonClick (event: MouseEvent): void            addChild (hillPage);        Delete child (start page);        Function OnLakeButtonClick (event: MouseEvent): void            addChild (seePage);        Delete child (start page);       

    If a client can help, post the concept, it drives me crazy.

    Yes, and some of the buttons in my file itself shouldn’t work for some reason, as this is basically the same code as in the tutorial.

    Hello, I know there are definitely some discussions on this topic. I like the file with three frames: item 1 is the main menu with buttons connected to system 2 (English menu) or image 9 (French menu).

    Each subsection contains code that loads various external SWF files. When the game skull enters these submenus in bed 2 or 3, I get the specific output error below.

    TypeError: Error # 1010: The term a is undefined and has absolutely no properties.

    TypeError: Error # 1010: Term a is still undefined and has no properties.

    actionscript typeerror error #1010

    I don’t understand in any way what _14 is or do you see _21 other than French_, maybe English_mcs

    Otherwise, the working file is excellent, I want to ignore the error, but I would still like to know.

    Here is the UK menu code in case it helps.

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    Init-Panorama-Player …
    initHandler: [Event type = bubbles “init” = false eventPhase = 2]
    TypeError: cancelable = false Error # 1010: Term is undefined and has no other properties.
    in vr2_fla :: MainTimeline / finish_loading ()

      var loader: Loader;loader = New URL: String Loader ();var = "vrs / Scene_A.swf";var = urlReq: Replace URLRequest URLRequest (url);// This happens after all SWF files have loaded.Finish_load (e: event) functionvr.pano.onClickQtHotspot = function (id: number, title: string, url: string, target: string)// put things like your code here!trace (id + ", + heading in inches);InitHandler function (event: event): voidtracing ("initHandler: + in event);vr.isFlash10 = false; // Disable Flash 10 creation if the container is Flash 9InitPanorama function (e: event)// Check if the environment object is available and initialize itif ((vr! = null) (vr &&. Pano! = null))removeEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, initPanorama);// Call initPanorama-FrameaddEventListener (each Event.ENTER_FRAME, initPanorama);// Tell the loader to call "finished_loading" after the SWF file has been generally loaded.loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener (, finish_loading);// Tell the loader initHandler to be called after initializing the SWF file.loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.INIT, initHandler);loader.load (urlReq);vr.addChild (bootloader); // add your custom swf directly to the stage 
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    They provide some copied code example for our finish_loading function. As your error subject said, “The term will be vague and have no properties. Ultimately, you need to replace the placeholders with 100% pure content.

    actionscript typeerror error #1010

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    You Have A Problem With An ActionScript Type Error, Error # 1010
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